Sophie Chao is an artist based in Pittsburgh
Her practice uses mixed media material, utilizing collage, textile, and oil paint; Combining imagery of manipulated bodies, moments emphasizing hyper-masculinity, deconstructed photos, pop cultural references, and symbols of American iconography. Through this imagery she seeks to define and position her art within the intersection of three key themes:

  1. The idolization of the West: the concept of idolizing Western ideals, particularly how Eastern cultures idealize aspects of Western influence.
  2. the East Asian diaspora:an exploration of identity and the dynamics of living between two cultural worlds.
  3. a ridicule of all American sensibilities: Situating her work upon a satirical edge, mocking and challenging aspects of Western culture and certain American widely accepted ideals

By combining these concepts into an eclectic and sporadic collection of imagery, she attempts to create work that explores the intersections of culture, identity, and societal values within the context of the westernized world.


Sophie ︎ Chao